FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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>> Winning for Britain, the rallying cry at UKIP's party conference in southern England this weekend. The Brexit vote crossing the top, some say only, item off its agenda. Behind the celebrations, confusion lurks. What's left for the UK Independence Party?
That's the UKIP Choir rehearsing behind me, but many are asking whether the party itself has lost its voice. I'm Reuters reporter, Lucy Fielder at the Party Conference where UKIP Is facing up to life after Brexit. Until Friday one man called UKIP's tune. Nigel Farage stepping down after a decade at the helm.
Little known successor, Diane James, promising to reshape the party. Farage directed a popular backlash against the EU and the establishment. UKIP won 4 million votes at 2015 election, though just one parliamentary seat. In August, he received rapturous applause on Donald Trump's campaign trail. Businessman, Aaron Banks, who donated a million pounds to UKIP, says it and Farage will now look abroad.
>> We're also very interested in looking at continental Europe. We view Brexit really as the first brick in the wall, and we want to encourage Europe's skeptic parties. It's really interesting, we went to America, the enthusiasm for Brexit, they're soul searching for the same sort of thing. Disenfranchised people have been let down by the global system.
>> But the rank and file are looking inwards. The mood is combative. The government has yet to kick start, leaving the EU, and could backtrack. Mission not accomplished. According to its creator, this store shows how members were called Swivel-like lunatics and fruit cakes. For wanting out of the EU, and closet racists for their calls to restrict immigration.
>> It's called democracy. We voted to come out, so let's get out now. Stop mucking around and give the people what they voted for to come out of the EU.>> But perhaps UKIP's biggest challenge will be staying in harmony. Aaron Banks is setting up his own movement.
Reports of infighting abound.