FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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e of as many as five potential explosives detonating near a New Jersey train station Monday morning as a bomb squad robot was trying to disable the device. The mayor of Elizabeth saying officials were responding to reports of a suspicious backpack in a garbage can.>> We had two gentleman going through a waste paper basket, on the corner of North Broad Street and Julian Place.
They found a package which they thought was of some value to them. They walked under the railroad trestle, which we call the Arch here in the City of Elizabeth. Saw that there were some wires attached to some pipe, dropped it, then they walked over to police headquarters, reported what they found.
>> Authorities found as many as five potential bombs in the backpack. The FBI was called in to investigate. No one was injured in the blast, but the incident comes amid heightened tensions in the area as police are looking into whether there's any connection between explosions over the weekend in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, about 20 miles northeast of Elizabeth, and Seaside Park New Jersey, about 65 miles south.
Reuters correspondent Scott Malone.>> There are some similarities between the devices which detonated in New York and New Jersey, and the third device found in Manhattan that did not go off. Though investigators are quick to say that while there are some parallels, that doesn't necessarily say that they were linked.
Indeed, they point out that rather a lot of bomb making information can be found online.>> This surveillance video captures the moment of the Manhattan blast which injured 29 people Saturday night. Hours later, a second device was found a few blocks away, but police were able to remove it safely.
Everyone hurt in the Chelsea bombing has been released from the hospital. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo calling the incident an act of terrorism, but saying investigators have so far found no links to international groups. Police have not yet identified any suspects or a possible motive.