FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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>> 28 year old Ahmad Khan Rahami in police custody after a frantic manhunt ended with a dramatic shootout with police.>> This is a pretty quick turnaround. This happened 50 hours ago, and we have our suspect in custody. So I think it's a tremendous job by all involved.
>> Rahami suspected in connection with planned bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey. He was arrested after firing at police in Linden, New Jersey, not far from the town of Elizabeth where Rahami lives. Two officers were injured, not seriously. One shot in the stomach by Rahami, protected by his bulletproof vest.
The other grazed on the face after the suspect fired into his patrol car. Rahami too was wounded and taken to a nearby hospital. Reuters investigative reporter, David Rohde.>> It does appear that he was sort of self radicalized. He was not on any kind of terrorism watch list in the US databases at this point.
The real question we'll be looking at is computer records, his online activities. Was he in touch with ISIS in any way?>> Rahami, a naturalized US citizen of Afghan descent will likely be questioned in connection with three incidents. Saturday's pipe bomb blast during a 5K race in Seaside Park Park, New Jersey, the explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood Saturday night that injured 29 people, and the bomb cluster discovered Monday morning near a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Also the town where Ahmad's father, Mohammad, ran a fried chicken restaurant and employed his son. For now, authorities believe Rahami is not connected to a separate attack at a Minnesota shopping mall Saturday for which ISIS claimed responsibility, and which President Obama says is also being investigated as an act of terrorism.
>> Suspect was killed and we avoid