FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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>> Whether you're in parts of rural Africa where street names don't exist, or Europe's largest music festival, Glastonbury. One British startup is on a mission to make sharing your exact location a little bit easier. The creators of what3words here in London have divided the planet into three meter squares.
And named them using a unique combination of three words. One country has even adopted it as their official address system.>> In Mongolia, we've just announced a deal with the post service there. Because you got a country about the size of Western Europe. And you got a population spread out and it's really hard to deliver to people there who don't have an address.
>> I actually got lost coming to your offices. We got out of the station, we looked at the map, we followed the post code, and we couldn't find the entrance to the building. How would your technology been able to help us get here quicker?>> Post codes can be very inaccurate, as can the street address and number, so let me show you.
If I put our three-word address in for our office which is index poem raft, that actually shows you where the precise entrance for our offices. Because a lot of the time, when you put the street address in, it takes you out the road here. It's estimated about 4 billion people don't have addresses, making it tough to do everything from getting a bank loan to voting.
Now, companies can find them.>> In the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, you've got huge part of that city where the streets are barely on the map, let alone actually named with addresses like we're used to. So for example, in Liberia, I mean, I'll just show you here on the map.
I mean you've got what looks like about one road here coming through the capital, Monrovia. But if you actually have a look on SAS live view, you can see there's literally thousands of homes here.>> This service is now available in multiple languages. And in case you're curious, the Reuters office can be found at book.shorts.moons.