FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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>> Searching for victims of a deadly boat accident in Thailand. 11 people still missing on Monday, a day after a wooden ferry rammed into a concrete embankment on the Chao Phraya river and capsized, killing at least 15 and injuring dozens. Officials called the driver reckless and say he'll face charges, after they discovered the ferry was massively overloaded.
Reuters' Amy Lefevre explains how the accident happened.>> The boat was actually registered back in the 60s to carry 50 people, and it was, in fact, carrying a 150 people, at least when it capsized. The water was very choppy, the currents were strong and it was difficult to control the boat.
We understand that the boat therefore veered off course, and it being overloaded, and also a double-decker boat, led to the tragic accident.>> The passengers were Muslim tourists returning from a religious ceremony. When the boat began to sink, many were flung into the water and drowned. Officials say the accident would have taken less of a toll with a quicker response time, and very basic safety measures.
>> The accident was so deadly because we understand that there were no life vests, or very few life vests on board, which is actually unsurprising in Thailand, given they lack safety records.>> Boat and road accidents are common in Thailand, although they rarely make a dent in tourism, which is on course to lure in a record 33 million visitors this year, and with its capital Bangkok one of the most visited cities in the world.