FIRST AIRED: September 2, 2016

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>> Post-election chaos in the capitol of Gabon. Riots and clashes on the streets of Libreville, pushing into their second day. At least, three have already been killed in the violence, with over 1,000 protestors arrested across the country. Some taking to the streets with grenades and AK-47s. Reuters Tim Cox in Dakar says they're rejecting the reelection of President Ali Bongo announced on Wednesday in favor of opposition leader John Ping.
>> Ping is claiming that this election is a sham. One of his party members called it a masquerade. The issue is made even more contentious by the fact that the electoral commission gave a final result but gave no breakdown whatsoever between the various polling stations and between the nine regions in Gabon.
>> France, the US and the EU have urged for calm and for polling stations to release their results to the public. The win extends Bongo's family's half century grip on power for another seven years, but protestors say, enough is enough.>> The Bongo family has been in control of this country, a small but very rich country, in terms of huge oil revenues, for about 50 years.
For a long time, Gabon has used oil revenues to effectively buy off the different ethnic groups in the different regions. Gabon's oil revenues have been in decline since the 1980s and the price of oil on the international markets is also very low. There's this feeling that things are in decline, things are not working and this is what is partly fueling the discontent with President Ali Bongo.
>> As riots spread across the city, there's no sign that the government is taking back control. With both sides trading accusations, many fear Gabon is looking down the barrel of a fractitious political crisis.