FIRST AIRED: September 5, 2016

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>> Clearing out Islamic State, Turkish forces seizing a 90 kilometer stretch of Northern Syria held by the militants, the defeat robs them of their main route to western countries. It could also give Turkey its long desired buffer zone. An area inside Syria where refugees can stay, rather than crossing the border.
Reuters' Turkey Bureau Chief, Nick Tattersall.>> It's an idea that hasn't won much backing from the international community, which has seen it as too militarily complex. But effectively what's happening now is a de facto buffer zone. Turkey has control of that strip of border. And if it decides it wants to back the Syrian rebels in holding that territory and holding a rectangle of territory in Syria then that effectively would be a de facto buffer zone.
>> Meanwhile Turkey also clashing with Kurdish YPG militia, which are backed by the US. Ankara fears their presence on the border could encourage domestic Kurdish separatists. It says the YPG must stay east of the Euphrates River to avoid further clashes.>> It's not in the interests of the United States, of Turkey, two NATO allies, to continue to have a disagreement over this.
So if Turkey does hold this patch of rectangle, this border territory, then it looks as if it would be difficult for the Kurdish militia fighters to push west of the Euphrates.>> Turkey's battle with the Kurds not Washington's only headache, though. Fresh talks with Russia over a serious ceasefire deal also failing at the weekend.
That as Syrian government forces gained ground from rebels in Aleppo, Russian airstrikes a big factor in their advance as yet few details on why the latest talks failed. On the ground meanwhile the facts keep changing.