FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2016

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Donald Trump announcing a hastily arranged visit to the one place he might be least welcome. The Republican presidential candidate flying to Mexico City to meet with that country's president Wednesday. The surprise trip announced after Trump spoke at a rally in Washington State Tuesday night, and the visit to Mexico City will come just hours before Trump is set to deliver a major speech on immigration policy later Wednesday night.
Reuters correspondent, Emily Stephenson is traveling with the candidate.>> Trump gave a very little preview of that meeting or of his speech in the Arizona on Wednesday night during his comments Tuesday, other than to say that he would discuss the problem of drugs pouring across the border.>> Our border will be protected, our children will be safe.
>> News of Trump's visit to Mexico met with disdain and ridicule south of the Rio Grande. The hashtags, #TrumpNotWelcome and #TrumpNoEresBienvenido popped up. Remember this republican launched his campaign describing Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists and promising to build a wall with Mexico.>> Mexico is going to pay for the wall.
>> Mexicans responded by creating Trump pinatas and Trump effigies stuffed with fireworks. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto even compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini. But at a meeting at the White House back in July, he expressed his respect for both Trump and Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.>> As of right now, I propose going into a frank, open dialogue, with whomever is elected.
>> Peña Nieto extended invitations to both American presidential candidates. His meeting with Trump will be held, in private, at the presidential palace. Trump's speech later Wednesday aimed at clarifying an immigration stance that recently became increasingly confusing. After campaigning on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants, he said last week, his position could be quote softening.
Then he said, no, it was actually hardening. His spokespeople and surrogates said he wasn't changing his position but that some of his positions have yet to be determined and that he hadn't changed policies just the words that he used. He was speaking Phoenix, Arizona later Wednesday night.