FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2016

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>> A chaos of wooden houses and crowded lanes, London before the Great Fire of 1666. Like medieval London, this model city is destined to go up in flames. This weekend in fact, as part of the London's Burning festival. 160 meters long, the model was created by US artist David Best with a team of young Londoners who were taught carpentry skills.
>> 350 years ago, fire raged through London over four days and destroyed 75% of the buildings. 80,000 people made homeless. And so we wanted to mark that moment but also celebrate London's rise as a world city out of the ashes of that disaster.>> Architect Christopher Wren built a monument to commemorate the fire as well as more than 50 new churches.
Streets were widened, houses built of brick instead of wood.>> The Great Fire of London broke out around the corner on Pudding Lane. I'm Reuters reporter Lucy Field on the top of the monument of The Great Fire of London which was to ravage the medieval city over four hellish days.
Destroying St. Paul's Cathedral, you can see the newer version behind me. Much of the city's slum housing and making refugees of many of the city's inhabitants. Only six deaths were recorded, though no one knows the real figure. The dead poor weren't counted in 1666, but there's no question tens of thousands lost their homes.
In London's inner temple, artists have piled rice to draw parallels with contemporary disasters. This is how many refugees there are in the world today.>> Many people were obviously made homeless during the fire, and there were refugee camps set outside the city walls. And so that inevitably gets you thinking about the current refugee situation.
>> London was reborn as a modern city>> But 1666 is a date burned on its collective memory.