FIRST AIRED: September 14, 2016

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>> Uber gearing up for a future where it won't have to deal with drivers. On Wednesday, the ride-hailing app company putting four self-driving Uber cars on the streets of Pittsburgh. But self-driving doesn't mean driverless says Reuters reporter Heather Somerville who went for a spin.>> There'll still be two people in these cars, a driver and an engineer in case something does go wrong.
The car does needs some help when a pedestrian crosses suddenly or a car door opens, but otherwise the cars can drive themselves around certain parts of Pittsburgh.>> But this does mean the public in Pittsburgh could get to try out a self driving car if they use Uber.
This test comes at a time when self driving technology is under scrutiny. On Wednesday, China State Media, reporting another fatal crash involving a Tesla Car that may have been on autopilot, that comes on top of the Florida accident that killed Joshua Brown. Still the autonomous vehicle technology is seen as a key to the future and for companies like Uber which set up a research center here down the road from Carnegie Mellon University.
Where it's poached away some 40 faculty and researchers. And Pittsburg roads bring the challenges any self-driving technology would need to conquer to be a viable solution.>> Pittsburg's an old city, it has organic road networks, it has a real traffic problem, so if it experiences extreme weather>> So, we really feel that Pittsburgh is the double black diamond of driving.
That plus the Mayor's red carpet for Uber and a state law that allows for autonomous cars as long as someone is behind the wheel to take over if needed set the stage for the San Fransisco tech company to roll out it's new experiment for the future.