FIRST AIRED: September 14, 2016

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It's all about the here and now at New York Fashion Week this year, as part of an evolution that is sweeping the industry. A number of designers are now offering their collections for sale instantly breaking with a long held tradition of making customers wait six months before they could buy the runway fashions.
Thomson Reuters retail analyst, Jharonne Martis.>> A lot of the designers are showing the entire collection live either on their website or they're adding the pictures on Instagram. And then their followers can actually click on it, which will have a link to either the e-commerce site where they can purchase the items as they're going live on the fashion show.
Or they can actually go and visit the department stores like Bergdorfs and buy the items there. For the designer, it also means that they can fight knock-offs, there's a shorter waiting time for the consumer, they're reaching a bigger audience, and it also allows them to engage more with their core consumer.
>> Top designers are signing on. Tom Ford making his entire fall collection instantly available online, in his own stores, and at places like Bergdorf Goodman, right away after the show. Whilel Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with top model Gigi Hadid this year, presenting a carnival like fashion show for consumers to attend and buy clothes right there and then.
But some are not fans, like Monique Lhuillier. She tested out the trend last year making some pieces in her elaborate gown collection instantly available to buy. But was disappointed by the results.>> Last runway, I had 40 exits but I had six that were shoppable right after the show and I found that people were more excited to talk about it.
But they were not really ready for it. So I decided not to do it this season because it also is creating a really hard thing for us to do in production. So I feel like my customer doesn't mind waiting for what she wants. So we are not doing that this season.
>> Critics also say that the new trend doesn't leave room for designers to show off there more artistic pieces. Instead brands are likely to focus on presenting collections that please consumers.