FIRST AIRED: August 30, 2016

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>> Voters head into the polls Tuesday in one last round of primaries, and GOP Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and John McCain of Arizona, both facing challengers from within their own party. McCain being put to the test by Arizona State Senator Kelly Ward. In a closer than expected clash with Rubio facing millionaire developer Carlos Beruff who many have compared to Donald Trump.
Polls show McCain and Rubio both likely to hold on Tuesday. But the looming presence of Trump poses an unexpected question mark for both men in the general election. Political reporter, Ginger Gibson.>> Rubio promised that the wasn't going to run for re-election in the Senate, but after losing his presidential campaign at the last minute, got in the race.
Some thought it might have made it more difficult Primary form since there were serious contenders. However, he's managed to rally a good deal of support. However, he could be facing a serious contender in congressman Patrick Murphy, who many expect to win the Democratic primary. Donald Trump, either boosting or dragging down Rubio's numbers, could make all the difference.
>> McCain certainly never expected to face the same problem in Arizona.>> He took a lot of steps early on to try to push back against a conservative opposition. Instead, the latest polls show him likely to win the primary by more than ten points. He's managed to vanquish his opponents only to be left very nervous about the general election.
Arizona was once a reliably red state, but Donald Trump, who has angered Hispanics, pushed Democrats to heavily recruit and register voters in that state, means that Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick, who's running against McCain, poses a real threat to him in November.>> Meaning, even if they prevail, the two GOP stars are still in for the battles of their political lives.
>> Particularly, in the Middle East