FIRST AIRED: September 6, 2016

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>> Hello, Tampa.>> Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Tuesday jetting into the campaign's frenzied final two months, just as the race shows clear signs of tightening.>> Love trumps hate.>> Rather than building on her summer lead, national polls showing Clinton more vulnerable, with several outlets, including Reuters/Ipsos placing her a point or two behind the New York tycoon, amid a constant drip of revelations on her use of private email as secretary of state.
>> How about the 33,000 missing emails? It's a very sad time, I'm telling you, for justice in this country.>> Campaign reporter Ginger Gibson.>> We've seen a lot of questions about whether or not Trump could get his campaign together. Initial attempts to reset his message going into the final stretch of the campaign seemed to sputter.
Helping him boost his numbers was that Hillary Clinton had some of her worst weeks at the end of August, as she was again dogged by questions about her email server and the foundation. And that seems to have brought them, at least in the national polls, a little more even.
The Clintons still showing a sizable advantage where it really counts, in the state-by-state tally of electoral college votes. Whoever racks up 270 takes the White House, regardless of the popular vote. The Washington Post and New York New York Times both showing Clinton with a healthy electoral college margin over Trump thanks to solid leads in big Democratic states such as California and New York, an unexpected strength in GOP strongholds like Texas, Georgia, and Arizona.
Hillary Clinton leads in 20 states. Those 20 states give her something like 180 electoral college votes. For that reason, Clinton has many more paths to victory. Donald Trump needs to win in states that Clinton is currently leading in.>> Honestly, they never quit.>> Clinton talking to journalists Tuesday on her plane for a second straight day after avoiding media questions all year with the focus not on policy, but on two coughing fits over the weekend.
Clinton blaming allergies and saying she'll up her dose of antihistamines.>> Thank you all. God Bless You.