FIRST AIRED: September 6, 2016

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>> These excited faces hailed the launch of Facebook's news feed exactly ten years ago. To celebrate the anniversary Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg and the crew that developed the feed, gathered for a Facebook live session remembering their excitement and the swift reality check that soon set in. You started working on news feed and then you know within a month there are people in the streets protesting.
]>> Which by the way we will get to the question in a second.>>
How many other things that we've done where we've had people protesting in the streets? That's not, not too many.>> Yeah.>> It speaks to the sort of the depth of commitment our early users had to the product.
>> The news feed, one of the most popular features today is supposed to show users the most relevant content from friends and family. The idea was to get people to stay engaged with the site. But many users found it intrusive. Sparking a debate about privacy and protections on the site in those early days.
A debate that continues to this day. Chief product officer Chris Cox.>> These really large groups were forming which is cool. So if you looked at the number one group, was called I think, I hate this thing, turn it off, or something->> I hate the news feed.
>> I hate the news feed. But the number two and the number four group were both humanitarian causes. And it was one of those moments where you were like, humanity, yes.>> One of the biggest groups, Students against Facebook News Feed is looking pretty sparse nowadays. Facebook shares hit an all-time high in Tuesday trading.