FIRST AIRED: September 9, 2016

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>> Everyone knows that White House is one in a handful of battle ground states. Ohio, Florida, but this year Hillary Clinton is changing the map. Tapping into Donald Trump's weak support with his own party to put three GOP strongholds firmly in play. Campaign reporter, Jim Oliphant, has the details.
>> What we're seeing is some expansion of the electoral map in states that have not traditionally been in play. States like Georgia, Arizona and even Texas, might be up for grabs between Democrats or Republicans this time around. These are states that Republicans have taken for granted for cycles.
>> We are going to get things done.>> This might be less about Hillary Clinton winning a state such as Georgia or Arizona. And more about forcing Donald Trump to expand resources to defend those states. The idea is everyday that Trump has to spend in a place like Georgia or Arizona takes away from time he can spend in states that he really needs.
States like Ohio, Pennsylvania.>> She gotta get her act together.>> Trumps answer, try to turn the tables.>> The best things Trump can do right now is
] a little bit on the defensive. For example, Reuters polling has Trump up a few points in Ohio and that's a state that both sides desperately want to win.
And that may force Clinton to spend a little more time and a little more attention there and not try to broaden the map as much as she possibly could. Nobody really thinks that these states in this cycle are gonna flip from red to blue. But the mere fact that discussion is evening happening right now is bad news for the Trump campaign.
>> We're gonna unify this country.>> And the consolation for Clinton, who has seen much of her once healthy national lead disappear in the final push to November.>> It's who we are as Americans.