FIRST AIRED: September 5, 2016

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>> Theresa May pouring cold water on Vote Leave's campaign centerpiece. The UK Prime Minister casting doubts some of the effectiveness of a points-based immigration system at the G20 Summit in China.>> What the British people voted for on the 23rd of June was to bring some control into the movement of people from the European into the UK.
A points-based system does not give you that control.>> May has repeatedly promised to deliver on June's referendum result by steering Britain out of the EU and tightening border controls. But she says there's no silver bullet for immigration, and that a points-based system, like the one in place in Australia, are difficult to manage.
Reuters UK Bureau Chief, Guy Faulconbridge is in London.>> It's very difficult to see how you can resolve something so fundamental. Of course, Theresa May is on a wider spectrum. She's not only concerned about what her ministers or the Brexiteers think, but she's also concerned about getting access to the single market.
Access to the single market entails some freedom of movement, according to the Europeans For Freedom of Movement.>> Thank you very much.>> Her comments setting up a potential conflict with some of her own pro-Brexit ministers. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson put plans for a points-based system at the heart of the Leave campaign, saying it could bring back democratic control and better meet businesses' needs.
Sentiments echoed by other Brexiteers.>> For Mrs. May to suddenly say that she doesn't want to have a points-based system looks like backsliding and I think people are going to be very worried about that.>> In China, May gave a small insight into what Brexit won't look like.
Here she's been on her first G20 outing, under pressure to reassure global partners the UK is still open for business. But back home that message risks stoking fears she is a pro-remain PM set to deliver a watered down Brexit.