FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2016

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>> A suspected toxic gas attack in Aleppo. New footage released on social media showing the aftermath. Medical sources reporting one death and dozens choking on Tuesday, including many children. Amateur videos showing children doused in water and using oxygen masks to breathe. The Syrian Civil Defense Organization reports 80 cases of suffocation, the Syrian Observatory, 70, both accusing Bashar al-Assad's army of dropping barrel bombs containing the chlorine.
This is believed to be one of the casings used in the alleged attack on Sukari, a rebel-held eastern area of the divided city. Reuters' Angus McDowell reports from neighboring Lebanon.>> A Syrian military source has denied ever using poison gas. It said instead that the allegations were devised by rebels as part of an effort to distract from their recent losses in a strategic part of the city.
A UN inquiry Reuters saw last month found the army responsible for two chlorine gas attacks during the five-year civil war. It's also investigating an incident in August.>> Aleppo has become the most intense front for fighting in Syria's multi-sided civil war. In recent days, the army has managed to reimpose a siege on rebel-held parts of the city, along with its allies from Shiite militia groups, neighboring countries, and with the help of Russian air power.
out 250,000 people are believed to live in those parts of Aleppo. Short of food and water, and at risk of disease.