FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2016

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>> It's our plan or no plan.>>
>> Syria's opposition making it clear they'll reject any deals struck by Russia and the US on the country's fate if it veers too far from their own proposed traditional plan. The negotiating group's general coordinator, Ryhid Jahab in London on Wednesday, presenting its road map.
Reuters UK political correspondent, William James was at the meeting.>> The main man who was on the stage today laying out this plan is actually a former Prime Minister in Syria who is someone who defected I think a few years back. And he was quite passionate in the way that he delivered this.
He was talking about it as expressing the will of the Syrian people. He was calling on Russia particularly to stop propping up Assad. He got quite, quite animated, quite vocal.>> The proposal starts with six months of negotiations to set up a transitional administration made up of figures of the opposition, the government, and civil society.
President Bashar al-Assad would have to leave office at the end of those six months. Transitional body would then run the country for 18 months after which there would be elections. Britain's foreign secretary Boris Johnson said the group's proposals offer the first credible picture of a peaceful Syria without Assad.
>> Broadly, he welcomes it, it could work but I think that's probably the international view, too, it could work. It's not a huge step forward in this process, because there are so many other moving parts. It's not just about what the Syrian opposition thinks should happen. There are players like the US, and Russia, and Iran who are all gonna have to come around the table and agree to a solution.