FIRST AIRED: September 8, 2016

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>> Playing a romantic, historical character in one of Europe's most iconic film festivals, Hollywood star Natalie Portman arriving in Venice for the European premier of Jacky.>> I understand.>> As I said>> Pablo critically acclaimed portrait of a grieving Jaqueline Kennedy, already a strong contender for the Golden Lion.
Reuters showbiz correspondent Sarah Mills is at the Lido.>> It's a really interesting year for women in film at Venice. There's quite a lot of movies that are set from the female point of view. We've seen Amy Adams in Sci-Fi thriller Arrival, which is totally from her character's point of view.
We've also got a French movie called which stars a similar thing, it's a period drama set in the 19th century. And then we have Natalie Portman playing Jackie in a film which is all about Jackie Kennedy, so it's a really interesting year for female actors and for the roles that women are getting to play.
>> Portman's First Lady has already been pointed by critics as one of the highlights of the year so far. And as a strong example of the festival's focus this year on women in leading roles and behind the camera.>> This is a really big year for Natalie Portman.
She is in two movies here in Venice. First, Jackie which is competing in the main competition. She plays Jackie Kennedy, one of the most photographed women of the 20th century. So that film she completely carries and owns. And then she's also in another film called Planetarium which is getting a lot of attention.
It's not in competition, but it also stars Johnny Depp's daughter, Lilly Rose Depp. So we'll be seeing her a couple of times. And certainly, that will be a name I'm sure that we're hearing during the award season run as well.>> The historical drama is one of 20 films vying for the Golden Lion.
But even with a strong Hollywood cast, female driven Jackie is struggling to find a distributor and set a release date.