FIRST AIRED: September 15, 2016

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>> Illegal headgear on some French beaches, but not in the Austrian Alps. This resort is used to Muslim holiday makers from the Gulf enjoying the cool summer snow, with or without a face veil.>> In our country it's very hot. It's like 50 degrees there, which is melting.
And it's amazing to have with family comes here and see the snow, skiing. Yeah, as you know we have indoor skiing in Dubai, but at 3,000 meters height, it's amazing.>> Austria could have Europe's first far right president before the end of the year. Norbert Hofer's anti-Islam Freedom Party is calling for a ban on face veils.
Even Austria's more moderate foreign minister says the veil hinders integration. But in Zell am See, 20% of visitors are Arabs, nearly as many as the Germans. But they bring bigger families and spend more per head. There were cultural clashes when Arab visitors started coming here, guests cooking in their hotels rooms or haggling over prices.
But the trade is now well-established, according to one hotelier, who says a veil ban would bad for business.>> The population here know how to deal with face veils.>> For us, that sight is nothing new. We're very relaxed about it.>> While the burkini ban in some French seaside resorts grabs the headlines, Gulf Arabs are enjoying the warmest of welcomes in Austria's cool Alpine air.