FIRST AIRED: September 15, 2016

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>> A fresh batch of high profile doping data leaked by the same Russian hackers who attacked a US athletes database earlier this week. The group, nicknamed Fancy Bears, striking again, this time releasing medical records of 25 international athletes. British cyclist Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins among them. Although, there is no suggestion, the athletes are involved in any wrongdoing, the leaked data brings back the controversial topic of the so called TUEs or therapeutic use exemptions.
Reuters' Jonathan Crane in London has more on the story.>> It's quite clear, this time it probably is fancied by, they put the information up on their website. It all relates to what are known as TUEs, therapeutic use exemptions. Now, these are kind of exemptions allowing athletes to use banned substances to treat a medical condition.
>> The group's first leak had details of US athletes including gold-winning gymnast Simone Biles.>> Now, the leak has actually prompted Biles to reveal that she suffers from ADHD, that's the medication she's taking. I've also heard that Serena Williams has been taking medication to treat muscle problems, anti-inflammatories, things like that.
>> The news comes less than a month after the closing ceremony of the Rio games, which several Russian athletes were banned from. Russian authorities have denied running a doping program. Though Washington have said, they suspect government involvement not only in Olympic doping but also into hacking of US data.