FIRST AIRED: August 30, 2016

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>> As the Turkish military clashes with Kurdish fighters in Syria, the US is scrambling to stop them fighting. The conflict threatening to unravel its war strategy.>> So, we've called on both sides to not fight with one another and continue to focus the fight on I saw that's the basis of our corporation with both of them.
>> Turkey sent tanks and the Syria last week partly took push back Islamic state fighters but also striking Kurdish YPG near the border who the US consider allies
uters Turkey Bureau Chief, Nick Tattersall.>> This brought to a head differences of opinion between two NATO allies, Turkey and the US, over what needs to be done in northern Syria.
Turkey has argued for a long time that it doesn't want to see Kurdish control of areas on the Southern side of its border. The United States has said that the focus, the priority, needs to be pushing back Islamic State. What we're seeing now is those differences of opinion playing out on the ground in and already very complicated civil war.
Turkey certainly appears to be betting if it was forced to make a choice, the United States would prefer to be working with Turkey which has the second largest military in the NATO alliance.>> The conflict going right to the top, with President Barack Obama to raise the issue directly with his Turkish counterpart, Tayyip Erdogan, on Sunday at the G-20 Summit.
France, too, warning that Ankara risks escalating the civil war. Here, footage release by Turkey's army appears to show weapons being seized from the Kurds. Turkey is battling a Kurdish insurgency at home. And so, wants to keep Kurds in Syria from gaining control along the boarder. The US assuring Turkey that the YPG will remain east of the Euphrates River, hoping that will diffuse the tension.