FIRST AIRED: September 14, 2016

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>> November 8th, I'll be back a lot->> Donald Trump's charitable organization under investigation. New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday, telling CNN his office had opened a probe into the Trump Foundation to make sure it was complying with nonprofit laws. Reuters Emily Flitter has been covering the Trump campaign.
>> What we know about the Trump Foundation is that Donald Trump hasn't actually given any money to it himself since 2008. He has also used some of the money to actually get things for himself. One charity event that he went to was a silent auction where he bid on and won a famous football helmet and he paid for that using the foundation's money.
He also used the foundation's money to buy a portrait of himself, a giant portrait of himself. There have been reports that some of the donations that are reported in the foundation's tax records actually never made it to the organizations that are listed there as the recipients. The state's top prosecutor, a supporter of Democrat Hilary Clinton, also sued the GOP nominee and has now shuttered Trump University for fraud back in 2013.
The latest investigation comes as Democrats and Congress are calling for a federal probe into whether a $25,000 donation Trump made to Florida AG, Pam Bondi, influenced her decision to pull out of that lawsuit against the university. The Republicans campaign dismissed Schneiderman's statements, calling him quote, a partisan hack who has turned a blind eye to the Clinton Foundation for years.
Trump has accused his rival of providing favors to donors while she was Secretary of State. Allegations Clinton has rejected.