FIRST AIRED: September 14, 2016

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>> The European Commission President insisting Brexit is not the end of the European Union. Jean Claude Juncker trying hard to drum up enthusiasm and support for the block, during his first state of the union address, since the UK voted to leave. Reuters EU Bureau Chief is Alastair Macdonald
>> He called not only on the Parliament, where the European ideal has considerable force and considerable support, but also on national leaders who will be gathering in two days' time in Bratislava on Friday. To discuss where the European union goes next.>> Juncker determined to stress a more upbeat agenda.
The president proposing a new fund to boost the private sector in Africa, hoping this will encourage Africans to remain at home and curb emigration to Europe. But it wasn't all positive. Aides say the commission president believes the divisions between EU governments are as great as he has known them in three decades at the heart of European politics.
>> Tensions between the east and the west, north and south, left and right, that have left the 27 remaining governments as Britain Heads for the exit door. Finding it very difficult to move ahead on common projects, despite the fact that they face many similar threats and difficulties, including reviving the economy, dealing with the arrival of large numbers of irregular migrants and refugees.
And trying to maintain some kind of place for Europe in a globalized trading world, in which others, notably in Asia, are setting the rules. But as far is offering clues on negotiations to kickstart the two-year countdown to a British departure. No word there, and those hoping for more information from the EU summit, starting at Bratislava on Friday, likely to be disappointed, too.