FIRST AIRED: March 4, 2018

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>> Five months of political uncertainty coming to an end in Germany. Members of the Social Democrats have voted in favor of a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives. The result hands the long serving leader her fourth and very likely last term in office. Reuter's Paul Carrel is in Berlin and says Europe is one of the big one is in disagreement.
>> President Macron of France wants to reform the Euro zone. If the SPD had voted no today, the window would have of opportunity for doing that would have closed very quickly this year. However, this coalition agreement, for the SPD and Merkel's conservatives have agreed is very strong on Europe.
So there's now a real chance that they'll not do everything that Merkel's to do, but they'll at least get along with some reforms.>> The deal breaks the deadlock following September's election and clears the way for a rerun of the Grand Coalition that has governed Germany since 2013.
Two-thirds of the SPD's membership backs the Coalition, according to an official, a wider margin than many had expected. The party initially planed to go into opposition after a disastrous result in last year's election. That a greater negotiator. After numerous talks with two smaller parties collapsed in November.>> Some of the conservatives were unhappy that they gave up the Finance Ministry as a price to curing the coalition deal.
And the SPD's use in particular is unhappy. And both those sides are expected to remain vocal. So this could be a choppy coalition. There is a two year review clause. Midway through the parliament to review how they're getting on. So if it's going badly, that could be an opportunity to blow it all up and start again with new elections.
>> SPD leaders have hailed the threshed out coalition agreement and Merkel could be sworn it for her next term within weeks.>>