FIRST AIRED: March 2, 2018

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>> President Donald Trump's on again, off again, bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin is suddenly looking more off than ever before. Putin's roll out of a, quote, invincible new class of nuclear weapons, Thursday, putting any thoughts of rosier ties out of reach. With the escalating probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 race casting an even greater cloud.
Warren Strobel is following the story.>> Despite President Trump's hope for a much improved US-Russia relationship, most analysts and government officials that you talk to will tell you that relations are certainly worse than they've been since the end of the Cold War. And there'a a broad range of irritants and problems contributing to this.
One, of course, is the investigation ongoing hearing in the United States about whether Russia meddle in the election. And then you have sort of Putin's belief, apparent belief that the US has meddled in his part of the world, so to speak, in the Ukraine and in other former Soviet countries, which many analyst think has left Putin adopting more aggressive posture.
>> That perhaps nowhere better illustrated than in the animated images Putin shared in his speech Thursday. They showed Russian nuclear missiles raining down on Florida where Trump frequently spends his weekends.>> Since Putin's announcement, the Pentagon has come out and said that these weapons that he mentioned are not a surprise.
US knew they were in development, and some analysts have actually expressed skepticism that they exist in the way Putin says they do. You have what was actually a direct military confrontation in Syria recently, where the United States bombed a bunch of Syrian forces that were attacking pro-US forces in the country.
And in doing so, they killed, reports say, more than 100 Russian mercenaries.>> Trump portrayed himself as someone who would be able to work with Putin more effectively than his predecessor, Barack Obama. Putin and Obama famously at odds. Obama hitting Russia with tough sanctions for its role in Ukraine's civil war.
In contrast, Trump has been unwilling to slap sanctions on Putin for Moscow's role in 2016 race. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia.>>
> Meanwhile, Putin is weeks away from his own elections where he is expected to win easily. The two may yet decide to work together on a host of global hotspots.
>> Well, I hope that we do have good relations with Russia, and I believe someday that will happen.>> But analysts say right now, that day seems far away.