FIRST AIRED: March 14, 2018

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>> The port of Patras in Western Greece,
ce tranquil, the peace is now disturbed several times a day by dozens of migrants spilling over its fences, destination, Italy if they're lucky. The migrants scatter in different directions, and the race begins to escape Coast Guard police and wiggle into or under a parked truck.
Patras Coast Guard officials say that despite the dangers, the numbers of migrants attempting to stow away on trucks like these is sharply on the rise.>>
> It can´t get any worse than this and no one is taking responsibility. The driver pays the price, the driver is who is going to be arrested, the driver is one that they will think is a smuggler.
The coast guard said it´s overwhelmed, and drivers are angry,>>
These X-ray images of some of the trucks show the cramped conditions where migrants hide. Hundreds try to leave Greece this way, and many are wounded as a result.>> Everything is dangerous. To coming is like is really that you can jump into the border, let's go. Jump into a flight, and go.
But, the thing is that you have to go through the suffering to get into a better place where you can search Allah, so this is why everybody's trying that.>> Ill-equipped migrants camps face ever-worsening conditions according to aid agencies, sparking violence and fears over health and safety. Many of these migrants are from Pakistan or Afghanistan.
They say they don't expect to qualify for asylum and must find alternative ways to cross the border.