FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2018

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>> The European Union's edging closer to an unprecedented punishment for one of its own member states, Poland. The European Parliament's adopted a resolution supporting the action which could cut funding to Poland's nationalist government, the single largest beneficiary of EU tax money. And it could theoretically go as far as stripping Warsaw's voting rights in the chamber.
> This is because the EU, particularly its western European members, have accused Poland's ruling political party of abuse of power in reforms that gave it sweeping new control over Poland's court system and state owned media. The EU resolution is technically non-binding for now. They've set a deadline of March 20th to see if Poland budges.
And while it passed with overwhelming support, it's not universal. Hungary's right-wing government, for example, is a chief ally of Poland, and has accused other members of meddling in local affairs. Hungary's support would be needed to strip Warsaw of its rights in a final vote, and that's unlikely. Parliament's resolution came the same day that a new law in Poland took effect that makes it criminal to suggest the country was complicit in the Holocaust.
It carries a three-year jail sentence and has been criticized by the United States and Israel which say can censor historical discussion. The law does not criminalize however, mentioning the fact that individual Poles did collaborate with the Nazis.