FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2018

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>> Heavily polluting diesel cars may soon be banned from German roads. A top court in the country has ruled in favor of major cities being able to make the decision. It's estimated to hit the value of 12 million vehicles in Europe's largest car market, and Reuters' Emma Thomasson says it could prove costly for car makers.
>> These potential bans are probably going to affect older diesel vehicles. And there's been a lot of pressure on the German car makers to pay for those older vehicles to have new systems installed to improve the emissions cleaning systems. And that could cost the whole industry something like 14, 15 billion euros.
>> There's been a global backlash against diesel engine cars since Volkswagen's emissions scandal broke in 2015, and sales have been dropping. Other European cities are all planning on putting similar regulations in place. But a ban in the birthplace of the modern automobile is a new blow for the car industry.
It's also an embarrassment for Chancellor Angela Merkel's government, which has faced criticism for opposing the bans, fearing it could disrupt traffic in cities with public transport not in a position to take up the slack, and also impact employment.>> Basically, the car industry in Germany employs hundreds of thousands of people, and the diesel industry, a big chunk of that.
And there are concerns in Germany that the switch away from diesel engines, and eventually away from a combustion engine towards electric cars, could have a big impact on jobs in Germany.>> Shares of many of the major German automakers slipped in the wake of the ruling.