FIRST AIRED: March 2, 2018

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>> We're pretty tied up with planning a wedding at the moment.>>
As Prince Harry and Megan Markle finalize the details of their spring wedding, Kensington Palace have come forward with a surprise announcement. The happy couple will be extending their wedding invites to more than two and a half thousand ordinary members of the public, who will have VIP access to one of the world's biggest weddings of the year.
It's a sign of changing times for the monarchy, says Reuters Senior Correspondent, Mike Holden.>> Prince William's wedding in 2011, that was a bit of a break with royal tradition. It was a much more less formal occasion than previous ones. Harry, as he's not going to be a king one day, his wedding can therefore be even less formal, perhaps.
Elementary than perhaps some of the royal weddings in the past. Basically they're just saying they want members of the public to be involved in their big day, as it were.>>
e guests will include local school children, charity workers, and around 1,000 people chosen from across the country, of all ages and backgrounds.
It's not the first time the younger generation of royals have broken with tradition. As the hugely popular fab four work at leading Britain's 900-year old monarchy into the modern age.>> William and Harry have spoken about problems of mental health that they've suffered. They are becoming a much more personable sort of face of the new monarchy.
And Kate and Meghan obviously fit into that. Meghan being an actress is someone who's not a typical background for a member of the royal family. Kate herself was the first commoner to marry someone who was going to be king for hundreds of years. So they are very much a modern face of the monarchy.
>> Harry and Meghan will marry at Queen Elizabeth's Windsor castle home on May 19th.