FIRST AIRED: March 9, 2018

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>> This is me all day long, blocked by President. It's blocked, blocked, blocked.>> Philip Cohen is one of several Twitter users suing the President in Federal Court. The lawsuit comes after Donald Trump blocked him from viewing his Tweets. And on Thursday, the lawyers argued that by blocking them, the President violated their First Amendment rights.
>> Sometime in early June, the President tweeted something to the effect of how he'd won the White House. And I replied to be fair, you didn't win the White House, Russia won it for you. Well, I was blocked shortly thereafter it appeared.
Reuters legal correspondent, Brendan Pearson was in the courtroom.
>> Plaintiffs in this lawsuit are claiming that when Donald Trump blocks people from following his Twitter account. Meaning that they can no longer respond to his tweets, he's violating their First Amendment rights by basically shutting them out of a public forum. So when Donald Trump makes a tweet, and people respond to that tweet, and debate that tweet, they're not allowed to participate.
>> Trump's lawyer's argue Trump can block whomever he likes and that the case should be dismissed.>> One of their arguments is that the court doesn't have the jurisdiction to issue an order, telling the President that he has to unblock people. A judge just can't order the President to do something like that.
>> The federal judge expressed skepticism about whether or not it's constitutional for the President to block users whose views he doesn't like. It's not clear when the judge will rule on whether the lawsuit can proceed.>> She did however recommend that Trump mute rather than block some of his critics, to resolve a First Amendment lawsuit.