FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2018

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>> On old ground, they covered new ground. In the old town of Jeddah, Saudi runners marking International Women's Day and making history.>> We're here.>> Yes.>>
Saudis are still coming round to women running in public, and it's the first it's happened on these cobbled streets.
>> The time is here and now.>> Yes, Saudi Arabia still has a long way to go when it comes to equal rights between men and women. But it's hard to overstate how much women's lives are changing this year under new reforms. Women are driving, visiting cinemas, and taking jobs that were once only reserved for men.
>> I love to go running, I often go running in the streets. It's something that I take for granted, and I think women all over the world do. What does it mean for women in Saudi Arabia to be able to run on the streets like this?>> Well, for one thing, we're extremely blessed that we have this ability to go out and run in the streets.
We couldn't do that a few months ago even. We're very honored, we're happy, we feel like we belong
This group is called Bliss Runners, but gatherings like these are popping up all over the country. And just a few days ago, the Kingdom hosted its first-ever female running race.
The runners here hope to inspire others.>> It will send a message to other females who are still reluctant or considering. That maybe they have any doubts to come out, that this is a message that we would like to send them. And say, come, you're not alone, we will do this together, and the time is now.