FIRST AIRED: March 3, 2018

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>> A Pentagon report this week slammed the US Army for mistreating a very special category of soldiers.>> Who's a good boy?>> The four legged ones who served in combat in Afghanistan. Reuters' correspondent Scott Paltro.>> Once these dogs finished their tour of duty, they were brought back to the United States and the army just essentially neglected them.
There was no attempt to find good homes for the dogs. That the dogs often were left in canals for up to 11 months and that they were mistreated through neglect and lack of care. The army and defense department, actually have a whole series of rules and regulations for dealing with dogs and nearly all of these apparently were violated.
>> The report released Thursday says the army did not use the DOD working dog management system as required by army regulation 190-12.>> You can credit these dogs with saving at least dozens of lives and probably more. Because they sniffed out the improvised explosive devices, the roadside bombs.
And so, they risked their own lives saving the troops who otherwise might've walked over them or ran over them with their vehicles.>> The Army did not return multiple requests for comment about the report on its treatment of combat canines.>> The report does not name names, but it indicates that the complaints came from soldiers who had actually handled these dogs.
And some of these soldiers were so upset when they heard that the dogs had disappeared, that they actually spent months searching for them and in some cases have found them and adopted them.