FIRST AIRED: March 5, 2018

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>> Two anti-establishment parties, including one from the far right, are now vying for the right to rule Italy. That often inconclusive poll delivered a hung Parliament. Creating political instability in the Eurozone's third largest economy. The anti-establishment Five Star Movement emerge as Italy's largest party, with around 32% of the vote.
>> It's fed off anger at institutional corruption and economic hardship, particularly in the south. Five Star leader, Luigi De Mayo, said the result had projected his party unavoidably towards governing the country. But Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant League, also claimed the right to rule.>>
>> At 18%, his party secured less votes than Five Star, but it's now senior partner is a center-right coalition that, in total, secured 37%. That, after it overtook Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia, which used to lead the group. As Reuters, Crispian Balmer, in Rome, explains, that could mark the beginning of the end for Italy's flamboyant political veteran.
>> And he campaigned tirelessly during the election campaign. And it's hard to see how he can come back from this. Voters clearly no longer believe in the mainstream political parties. They probably feel that his day has passed and they're looking to new alternatives.>> The League run a fiercely anti-immigrant campaign in a country that has seen more than 600,000 people arrive in the past four years.
Both the League and Five Star have in the past called for Italy to leave the Eurozone's single currency. Though they have since softened their stances.>> You can expect the next government to be much more confrontational with Brussels. And to demand that the age of austerity is firmly over.
>> Attention now turning to what coalition will emerge from the political quagmire. It will be up to President Sergio Mattarella to guide talks and name a potential Prime Minister. Though that will not happen until at least April.