FIRST AIRED: March 5, 2018

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e Florida Senate on Monday is expected to pass new tough gun legislation, prompted by last month's deadly high school shooting in Parkland. The bill raises the minimum age to buy a rifle or shotgun from 18 to 21 and bans the use, sale, or possession of bump stocks.
>> And we have a voice, too.>>
>> The move's causing uproar among pro-gun advocates who held a Second Amendment rally outside the legislative building over the weekend.>> I understand that this is a very heated topic, especially after the Parkland shooting. It's such an atrocity. But we can't have our rights infringed.
>> The debate growing contentious inside as well.>> A lot of our constituents back home wonder why we can't address guns?>> If I thought for one moment that if we banned assault weapons, then all of these tragedies would end, you would have me, I would be with you.
But are we gonna ban fertilizer, which is what they used in the Oklahoma bombing?>> On Saturday, lawmakers rejected the most aggressive proposal, a ban on assault weapons and voted for a controversial measure to arm teachers. The bill reportedly also includes $400 million in funding for schools to address mental health issues.
This comes amid criticism that the Broward County School System and law enforcement had not done enough in the face of numerous warning signs associated with accused gunman Nikolas Cruz.>> Watch out, watch out, watch out.>> If passed, the bill will then go to the Florida House for approval before being sent to Governor Rick Scott's desk.