FIRST AIRED: March 13, 2018

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>> Good afternoon all. I received a call today from the President of the United States at a little after noon time from Airforce One.>> America's top diplomat gave a farewell address on Tuesday, hours after he joined the long and growing list of administration officials pushed out by President Donald Trump.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson caught off guard, learning of his fate over Twitter. Only later, receiving a phone call from the president. Reuters White House correspondent, Jeff Mason.>> It was a bombshell in terms of the timing. We didn't have a heads up that it was going to happen today.
But it is something that people have been expecting for some time, in fact, for months. On many levels, it's fascinating that Tillerson lasted as long as he did. Given the pressure and the tension in that relationship between him and the president. That said, Tillerson clearly wanted to stick around, and apparently, was surprised that today was the day.
>> Throughout Tillerson's 14 month tenure, the former Exxon CEO dismissed multiple reports he was on his way out the door>> Do you want Rex Tillerson on the job Mr. President?>> He's here. Rex is here.>> What do you have the say that they want you to resign?
Can you just say something about how this is being handled?>> It's laughable.>> And then, there was the report that Tillerson once attended a meeting of national security officials and called the President a moron, a story he downplayed but never denied.>> I'm not gonna deal with petty stuff like that.
> Perhaps no issue divided Trump and Tillerson more than North Korea. While the diplomat worked to open talks with Pyongyang, the president publicly undercut those efforts. And on Friday, when Trump decided to accept a tentative invitation to meet North Korea's leader, he did so without consulting the Secretary of State.
Despite this, Tillerson was not about to quit.>> I think it indicates that Secretary Tillerson was eager to stay And despite giving sort of praise to the people at The State Department today in his remarks, and thanking the American people for the opportunity to serve, he didn't have a lot of praise for the person who was his boss.
>> God bless all of you. God bless the American people. God bless America.>> Secretary