FIRST AIRED: March 7, 2018

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>> I must say, it's great to see all the media interest in the success of the->> If you're House Republican speaker Paul Ryan and you're starkly opposed to President Donald Trump's threat to slap broad import taxes on steel and aluminum. But at the same time, you're careful not to provoke a fight with the temperamental Commander in Chief, here's how you might explain your position.
>> Clearly there is over-capacity, dumping and tran-shipping of steel and aluminum by some countries, particularly China.>> Translation, yes. The President is right. Some countries are unfairly selling cheap metal on the world market, making it hard for American producers to compete, but.>> What we're encouraging the administration to do is to focus on what is, clearly, a legitimate problem.
And to be more surgical in its approach so that we can go after the true abusers without creating any kind of unintended consequences or collateral damage.>> We're going to be instituting tariffs.>> Trump's sudden announcement last week, to impose a 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imports stunned the leaders of his own Republican party.
>> There is a lot of concern among Republican Senators that this could sorta metastasize into a larger trade war.>> Their concerns quickly amplified after America's global trading partners erupted, threatening tariffs of their own. Congressional Republicans, many who pride themselves on championing free trade, trying to find ways to push back against the President.
>> No, we're not backing down.>> But careful of the risks of confronting Trump directly.>> Mr. Speaker, any sense that you're making headway with the President on this issue?>> Look, I'm not gonna go into our private conversations. We've had multiple conversations about this. He knows our view.
Every now and then we're just gonna have a different approach on how we should tackle these problems.>> The backlash may be having an effect. Remarks by US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Tuesday sounded a great deal like Paul Ryan's points.>> I think on the steel and aluminum tariffs, we're trying to balance protecting these industries, which are very important, with making sure that we don't do undue harm to the economy.
>> The details of the tariff proposal are still being worked out. The official rollout, initially promised by Friday, has reportedly been pushed back to next week.