FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2018

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>> Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and top advisor has lost his access to the nation's most closely guarded intelligence report, the President's Daily Brief. Two US officials familiar with the matter told Reuters Kushner had been cut off from viewing the report in the past few weeks. Part of a White House clamp down on who can view the nation's secrets.
Kushner among others at the White House has been working for more than a year under an Interim Security Clearance pending the completion of a full background check. Mark Hosenball is following the story.>> Jared Kushner, because of his business dealings, particularly and because also he made several amendments to something called standard form 86 which is the security clearance application form.
The intelligence agencies and the security agencies have been reluctant to grant him a full top secret permanent clearance to look at the nation's most important secrets. As a result, he's now been sort of deprived of access to the President's Daily Brief.>> Another Reuter's source said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, recently passed new material to the White House that led to the slowing or stopping of Kushner's pending application for permanent clearance.
On Tuesday, Politico reported all White House aids who were working under Interim clearances saw their access downgraded last Friday from top secret to secret. The crackdown, orchestrated by Chief of Staff John Kelly comes weeks after the dramatic departure of Staff Secretary Rob Porter who was revealed to be handling some of the nation's most sensitive documents under an interim clearance despite allegations of domestic abuse brought by two former wives which Porter denies.
Kushner's top clearance could be reinstated, if his application is eventually approved or if President Trump decides to restore it. But last Friday, Trump told reporters he would leave that decision to his Chief of Staff. Kelly, last week said, he believed Kushner would be able to hold onto his crowded foreign policy portfolio which has included Trump's push for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.