FIRST AIRED: March 6, 2018

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>> It's a chance for the industry to shine. But, there's a cloud hanging over this year's auto show in Geneva. And it's caused by diesel. Car makers have long used it to boost fuel efficiency. But bans in numerous cities are hurting sales. Volkswagen whose omissions scandal sparked the slump admits it's worried, although it's not dumping diesel.
> I'm firmly convinced that diesel will experience a revival, and that we can rely for the next 10 to 15 years on a coexistence of combustion engines and electric cars.>> With EU targets for CO2 emissions looming, car makers have some costly decisions to make, re-engineer existing vehicles, restrict sales, a move being considered by Ford, or risk hefty fines.
Renault's answer is a low cost hybrid known as Locobox.>> We would keep for sure, diesel power train, for example, for light commercial vehicle. But we consider that the future is going to be much more gasoline with electrification and even more purely
].>> Last year, diesel car sales fell 8% in Europe, reducing their market share to 44% from the 55% peak in 2011.
In Germany, last month, they fell 19%. And Britain saw a near-quarter drop. But infrastructure for electric cars remains inadequate.>> I don't think there's gonna be a big break being applied, I think you'll see just continued evolution on the full portfolio around green, probably a little more acceleration around hybrid as well.
>> And appeals for clemency are coming. Just last week the PSA group urged governments to suspend penalties for noncompliance until more charging networks are developed.