FIRST AIRED: March 14, 2018

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>> Tremendous energy, tremendous intellect, we're always on the same wave length.>> President Trump's pick for Secretary of State, CIA Director, Mike Pompeo is expected to bring a hawkish approach to high stakes nuclear talks with North Korea, as Rex Tillerson is shown the door.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where analyst say the United States may take a more confrontational tone with Pyongyang and other foreign powers when Pompeo takes the reins at the State Department.
Trump says Pompeo is more in line with his thinking, so the Administration is more likely to speak with a single voice on national security issues. But that voice could rankle rivals and allies alike. Tillerson served as a moderating influence on Trump's instincts, urging him to keep the Iran nuclear deal in place.
And saying the United States isn't trying to depose North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Pompeo, on the other hand, as seen as one of the more forceful voices on North Korea within the Administration. Last July at a security conference, Pompeo suggested regime change might be an option in North Korea.
>> But the thing that is most dangerous about it is the character who holds the control over them today. So from the administrations perspective, the most important thing we can do is separate those two, right? Separate capacity and someone who might well have intent and break those two apart.
>> Pompeo has also called for the United States to rip up the Iran deal in line with Trump's own thinking. Some intelligence officials say that Pompeo is too political, inclined to tell the President what he wants to hear rather than what he needs to hear. Pompeo has so far avoided the turmoil that has engulfed much of the Trump Administration.
The former Republican Congressman delivers Trump's intelligence briefing nearly every day, taking a harder line than Trump on Russia, but the two are developing an easy rapport. That's a sharp contrast to Tillerson, the former head of Exxon Mobile.>> We disagreed on things. When you look at the Iran deal, I think it's terrible, I guess he thought it was okay.
>> He's clashed publicly with Trump, and was seen as disengaged from the daily workings of the State Department. Trump now needs to fill the CIA job as well, he's picked Deputy Director Gena Hasbill to head the spy service.>> She'll be the first woman to serve as CIA Director, but her appointment is not without controversy.
During the Bush years she headed a secret prison in Thailand where terrorism suspects were subjected to waterboarding. That's a possible red flag for her Senate confirmation hearings ahead.