FIRST AIRED: March 6, 2018

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>> The 2018 election season kicks off on Tuesday. Democrats and Republicans in Texas select their candidates for Governor, Congress, and local races too. The year's first primary election is giving an early glimpse of voter sentiment, as Democrats try to get back in the game. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where Democrats will be watching for signs of a possible Democratic ground swell when the returns come in from this deeply conservative state.
Democrats have an energized base and they're fielding their strongest crop of candidates in years. But they also face stark internal divisions that could make it harder to defeat Republican candidates come November.>> A senator who's working full time for Texas.>>
>> Democratic Senate hopeful Beto O'Rourke is drawing big crowds and raising more money than incumbent Republican Ted Cruz.
>> We also need a senator who's gonna provide a check and a balance.>> He's expected to easily win his primary, but he faces an uphill battle against Cruz in November. Analysts say Texas Democrats stand a better chance of defeating three or four Republicans in the House of Representatives.
Their best shot may be in Houston where seven Democrats are competing for the chance to take on Republican Representative John Culberson. That fight has turned nasty after a Democratic Party group came out against one of the candidates activist, Laura Moser.>> After Trump got elected I started an organization that helped hundreds of thousands of regular Americans stand up to him and the Republican Congress.
>> Digging up an article in which Moser said she would rather have her teeth pulled out than move from Washington D.C. to her grandparents' Texas home town. That move has infuriated progressive groups like Our Revolution which has now endorsed Moser. These primary contests are set to stretch on until September.
And as the field shapes up, we'll get a better sense of whether Democrats stand a chance of winning back control of Congress. Strong turnout could be a promising sign, as well as the types of candidates that the voters select. We'll get our first clues on Wednesday morning, when the results come in from Texas.