FIRST AIRED: March 12, 2018

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>> Two separate package bombs exploding in Austin, Texas on Monday killing a 17 year old boy and injuring two women. Following another deadly explosion less than two weeks ago.>> We are looking at these incidents as being related based on similarities that we have seen.>> Reuters Correspondent Jon Herskovitz is in Austin.
>> We don't know exactly what the motive is. Police are not ruling out this as a hate crime. The first and second explosion happened at home, which was owned by African Americans. But just given the fact that package explosions don't happen with frequency in the United States. And don't happen three times in the same city in the space of a few weeks.
Logic would indicate that the third one is also probably related.>> A woman in her 70s was taken to the hospital after the third and most recent package bomb blast. The second explosion occurred earlier in the day in a different part of Austin, resulting in the death of a teenager and injuring a middle-aged woman.
The first explosion, also in the Texas capital killed a man on March 2nd. Austin police issued a public safety alert, and are treating the two deaths as homicides.>> Police are advising extra caution in terms of packages today. And they're trying to find the source of delivery. The only thing that they have ruled out is that it was United States Postal Service delivery.
>> Federal officials have now joined the investigations.