FIRST AIRED: July 8, 2016

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>> Donald Trump meeting top Republicans Thursday on Capitol Hill on a drive to unify the party, and the difference from the last such group hug two months ago? Well, not much. Lawmakers who thought he'd tone it down after sewing up the nomination still wary with Trump this week still shooting from the hip.
>> I hate Saddam Hussein, but he's damn good at killing terrorists.>> He's not won over everybody.>> Reporter Emily Stevens says at this point, many Hill Republicans have given up hoping he'll change. But with Hillary Clinton in their sights, both sides trying to make the best of it.
>> The over arching theme coming out of the meeting was just Republicans saying that they are unifying. They are trying to come across with this message that the party is rallying around Trump and lawmakers who came out of the House meetings said things like Trump went out of his way to mention that Paul Ryan was in the room.
He went out of his way to say something about Reince Priebus and so they felt he was really trying to show that he is both Donald Trump and the nominee but he's also a Republican and he's one of them.>> Trump making in roads in particular with members of the house.
But the Washington Post and New York Times both characterizing a separate Senate meeting is tense saying Trump tangled with skeptics like Arizona's Jeff Flake and Nebraska's Ben Sasse.>> They're definitely worse than lawmakers who came out of these meetings and said they were still on the fence.>> And 13 GOP senators including John McCain skipping the meeting altogether.