FIRST AIRED: July 1, 2016

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>> A possible motorbike ban in a city where two wheels is a way of life. Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, is considering a plan to take all bikes off the downtown streets in the next 10 years, part of efforts to fight world famous traffic jams. But as Reuters' My Pham reports, for many Hanoi residents, it's the only way to get around.
Motorcycles are very convenient and compact, and is suitable for the narrow and small streets in their city. And also, they are very inexpensive and affordable for most of Vietnamese people.>> Many city dwellers scoff at the idea of a ban.>> I think it's impossible. It will cause difficulties for bureaucrats, employers, students and traders.
>> In Hanoi, 5 million motorcycles are fighting for space with half a million cars. But in the next two years, the city's forecast to have 7 million bikes on the road. That's nearly the city's entire population, and double the number of cars. Officials hope to put the brakes on that trend.
>> The city government plans to improve public transport system including Sky Train and Metro, but it might take a while before they are really ready.>> Time is ticking to clear the roads and the air. All those bikes have been tied to major pollution. Official data from March this year, showing air quality hitting hazardous levels.
It's one more snarl-up to untangle in the daily chaos of the so called Paris of Asia.