FIRST AIRED: June 30, 2016

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>> A different internet boss, but the same rules apply in China. Beijing's appointed a new head to its powerful internet regulator. Xu Lin, a man who's vowed to maintain the ruling Communist Party's tight grip over cyberspace. Reuters' John Ruwitch reports from Shanghai, where Xu used to be in charge of propaganda.
>> Xu Lin was seen by some as a protege of Chinese President Xi Jinping. It's really hard to know if this is actually fact often in Chinese politics. These types of things are quite opaque, and this official is not that well known before being elevated into this job.
The Eurasia Group actually believes that this is a move that will strengthen Xi Jinping's direct control over the administration of cyberspace in China.>> Analyst say Xu's appointment may not be good news for foreign companies. The government blocks sites seen as a challenge to Communist Party rule, or a threat to stability, like Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.
A legacy of strict controls left by outgoing internet czar, Lu Wei.>> Some observers have called Lu Wei a hardliner. He's been a major defender of China's efforts to further control the internet, to censor the internet, to keep quote-unquote bad influences out. He has also been a big driver of Beijing's concept of internet control, in which according to him, you can have freedom, but only with tight controls.
And with that, he's promoted this idea abroad and really raised Beijing's efforts to try to play a bigger role in the global management of the internet.>> State media issued a brief report on the news, but gave no information on why Lu Wei is leaving, or where he may be headed next.