FIRST AIRED: July 4, 2016

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>> After the mighty fall of the world number one on Saturday, the weather at Wimbledon seems to be recovering from Novak Djokovic's early exit, picking up steam for week two of the tournament, with many big names still spinning, and a potential sibling duel ahead. Reuters Matt Goodrick has been at Wimbledon and says all eyes are now on Murray.
>> Yeah, looking ahead to week two of Wimbledon, it's all about one man, really, isn't it? And that one man of course the home favorite, Andy Murray,. Our fans here in the UK really expecting him to do well. Of course he's got his new coach in his corner, Ivan Lendl.
And Lendl was of course the man who guided him to that original Wimbledon title. So much excitement that Murray can win again at the Old England Club. The reason there's so much confidence of course is cuz there's no Novak Djokovic. But then on the other side of the draw, there’s a certain man called Roger Federer.
Of course, he's not won a grand slam, has he, since 2012. Over in the women's draw, there’s now a real possibility of a Serena v Venus final. Serena, I mean, she just keeps going from strength to strength, of course, has a Margaret Court's All-Time Grand Slam total targets in her sights and she could come up against her sister, Venus.
Again, of course, they've played in a Wimbledon Final before, they don't like playing each other at Wimbledon, but we'll have to wait and see. One other good thing about week two at Wimbledon, we had awful weather did we, in week one, which meant we had people Sunday for only the fourth or fifth time in history.
But the weather is set fair at SW 19, so it should be set for a pretty good week.