FIRST AIRED: July 4, 2016

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>> Donal Trump, defiant Monday, as he weathers yet another storm over his behavior on Twitter. This time, the outrage sparked by a graphic Trump tweeted over the weekend, accusing Hillary Clinton of being the most corrupt candidate ever, the words printed on what looks like a Star of David over a background of $100 bills.
Critics, including Clinton, quick to pounce, accusing the New York mogul of anti-Semitism, Trump tweeting back Monday that the dishonest media was to blame for misrepresenting a sheriff's star. But Reuter's campaign reporter, Emily Flitter, says problems with the image go much deeper.>> A news outlet Mic.News discover that the image had been posted a few weeks earlier on a neo-Nazi website.
Twitter users have been saying that it was a dog whistle to white supremacists whom Trump has interacted with during his campaign. The main fallout from the tweet is that attention has turned back to Trump, during a time that should have been a time for Republicans to gloat over the bad publicity that Hillary Clinton is receiving because she was interviewed by the FBI.
Rather than staying silent, Trump tweeted the image and thus turned attention back to him.>> On Sunday, Trump deleted the original image, replacing it with a similar one, substituting a circle for the star.>> Are you friend or foe?>> Since entering the 2016 race, Trump has retweeted several white supremacist Twitter users, as well as another account that quoted Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.
Last month, Trump drew condemnation from within his own party, by suggesting a federal judge overseeing a civil suit against Trump University could not be impartial because of his Mexican heritage.>>