FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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>> We saw no other option.>> The use of a robot bomb to kill the suspect in the murders of five Dallas police officers raising new questions about the militarizing of American law enforcement. Dustin Ball says it's the first known case of police deliberately killing an offender with an explosive device.
>> It appears as though Dallas police took a bomb diffusing device and improvised its use to use it for offensive purposes, essentially strapping an explosive device on it and sending it in toward the suspect and then detonating it remotely. Typically these robots are used to blow something up when someone is not there, but in this case they used it to actually take out the suspect.
>> Ball says it's just the latest in a trend toward US police using military style equipment and tactics.>> This has been an ongoing concern for the past several years, the militarization of the police. We saw this crop up after the protests in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, with the police shooting of Michael Brown there and the response with this heavily militarized police force come out.
Some observers are saying that this use of a robot bomb is just another indication of using devices that you would think might be used in Iraq or Afghanistan, a foreign war theater, and using them instead at home.>> Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger.
>> There are questions about whether or not it was fully necessary, whether there were other avenues to go forward to potentially neutralize the suspect without a rolling in a bomb and taking his life.>> A Reuters review found that in the past decade, the Pentagon has given at least 450 bomb diffusing robots to federal and local police.