FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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>> Anger turning to screams and bloodshed in Dallas on Thursday night. Five police officers killed by snipers as angry crowds protested the shooting of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. Police say so far they've taken three people into custody. A fourth found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after an hours long stand off with police.
Lisa Garza's report said so far no motive has been found.>> Dallas police chief David Brown said at a press conference recently that officers came under attack, in what he called ambush style, from two suspects firing from an elevated position near the rally. Police is encouraging all media to stay off the streets because this is a very dangerous active shooter situation.
Police say the shooter told them that the end is coming and that more police would be killed. They also said there were bombs all over the place in the garage and Downtown. As panic took hold people ducked behind cars. Protest organizers ordering them to flee the scene.>> When you really put into mind what happened in Orlando, when you put into mind those type of things and you have an active shooter with a big crowd, you don't know, you just hear gunshots so you don't know which direction it's coming from.
And so the first thing people do is they have the flight and they took off running so once I kind of got the sense that it was coming from that direction me and a couple of organizers took control and said hey, don't come this way because the crowd was coming this way.
The mass was coming towards the gunshots.>> Authorities say an intensive search is underway for the suspect at large.