FIRST AIRED: July 14, 2016

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>> Leaving number ten with a top job in a stunning bounce back for Boris Johnson. The chief Brexiteer named Uk foreign secretary in a surprise move by new Prime Minister, Theresa May. Just two weeks ago, Johnson saw his bid for the high office cut short, now he's arriving at work charged with one of the countries most important toasts.
>> That was the trip. Which trip is that?>> The rule though thinned out with some duties palmed off to two new departments, one for international trade and one for Brexit. Still, it's a bold appointment. The former London mayor has a huge profile worldwide But brings with him a long record of gaps and scandals.
When the US President visited during the referendum campaign, Johnson suggested Obama's Kenyan ancestry gave him a bias against Britain.>> Very humble, very proud to be offered this chance.>> But not everyone's thrilled with the appointment. The Labour leadership contender, Angela Eagle, seemingly lost for words.>> They've just made him Foreign Secretary?
Scorned too from the Liberal Democrats. it's leader Tim Farron Tweeting, Johnson will spend more time apologizing to nations that he's offended.>> You got a few people to apologize to though, haven't you? President Obama for example.>> Well, as I say, the United States of America will be in the front of the queue.
>> One protester has already left an apology of his own.